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Bugwere Royal Investment Summit (BURIS) 2024

Due Date 15 May 2024
Venue Marple Cottages, Budaka

Over 500 Delegates and exhibitors are planned to participate in BURISU 2024; participants to the event will include all people, corporate institutions, industrialist, young people from universities, ministers, representatives of the Government institutions, private sector agencies from across the globe. United Nations agencies, World Bank, European Union, China, JICA, DANIDA, USAID, UKAID, Pan-African financial institutions, academics and research institutions, development partners and other intergovernmental organizations. Invitations are also being extended to other cooperating partners, non-governmental organizations and youth associations. Officials/Experts from within and outside Africa are invited to share their experiences on innovative sources of investment funding and private sector engagement on Inclusive and sustainable Growth

Ekisaagaati Teenage annual Bootcamps 2024

Theme Unlocking Bugwere’s Human Potential & Forging the Future Together
Due Date 15 May 2024
Venue St John’s Revival Schools-Kachomu Campus, Budaka

This is the first Edition of Ekisaagaati Teenage Annual Bootcamps which will take place from May 15th -25th. This edition is expected to bring together over 500 young people in attendance and is being organized in partnership with Wayabire Royal Foundation and Obwa Ikumbania Bwa Bugwere (Bugwere Royal Kingdom) respectively