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Health and medical missions Program

We conduct periodic health and medical camps with the help of volunteer health professionals and doctors from around the world who come to Bugwere Kingdom

Health and medical missions Program

Commit to a one-time, monthly or annual donation towards Health and medical missions Program below:

BQMF partners with Churches, faith-based institutions, Governments, educational institutions, NGOs, community-based organizations, the business community, and other public-sector stakeholders

Become A Volunteer

You can either volunteer at an event or as a professional volunteer

Other Programs

Child Impact Fund

We build and equip early childhood development centers, orphanages, vocationally driven primary and secondary schools, health facilities that shape a child’s personal development

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Food Basket Fund

We provide this life-saving mission to help poor families build sustainable livelihoods by giving poor families the tools needed to build resilience, work incomes and guarantee nutritional food security

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Financial Inclusion

We establish solidarity among households and provide these grassroots voluntary associations/groups with both financial and non-financial support in their formations in developing sustainable livelihoods

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Ekisaagaati – Teen BootCamp Program

We foster the culture of mindfulness and care. Our work provides a deeper appreciation of mindfulness and care, healing, and well-being of young people throughout Bugwere royal Kingdom

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