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Ekisaagaati – Teen BootCamp Program

We foster the culture of mindfulness and care. Our work provides a deeper appreciation of mindfulness and care, healing, and well-being of young people throughout Bugwere royal Kingdom

Ekisaagaati – Teen BootCamp Program

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“Ekisaagaati” literal meaning “an enclosure”, used to be a large homestead surrounded by a tall and big fence of well-trimmed reeds tied together with dry banana fiber, which made it impossible for one on the outside to see inside the fence even at a close angle. In traditional African societies, Ekisaagaati (plural of Ekisaagaati) are fenced homesteads of royals, chiefs, and other high-ranking officials. It is because of this Background, therefore, that Her Royal Highness Sarah Harriet Wayabire, the Queen Mother Bugwere Royal Kingdom initiated a children’s holiday Boot camp known as “Ekisaagaati” in the local dialect to address the alarming teenage pregnancies, and early marriages and as well provide an opportunity for young people to be skilled, mentored and be spiritually groomed. The overall purpose of this Boot camp is to nurture respect and appreciation for culture and heritage, which is essential and important especially in today’s times when parents do not spend enough time with their children to educate them on key personal development issues and cultural heritage. The reason for this may be that parents are either too busy, or just like their children: They too have little or no knowledge about their culture, especially those born and raised in the diaspora.

Effective, May 2024, BQMF will start to host a 10-day Teens Bootcamp dubbed “Ekisaagaati Kya Queen Mother” as a biannual event. The first Edition will take place from May 15th -25th, 2024 and second edition in December 2024. The First edition is expected to bring together over 500 young people in attendance and is being organized in partnership with Wayabire Royal Foundation and Obwa Ikumbania Bwa Bugwere (Bugwere Royal Kingdom) respectively

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